Xtrabadgeâ„¢ Intricate

Intricate Embroidered Badge that simulate direct embroidery

Xtrabadge Intricate Embroidered Badges

Intricate Embroidery -the Xtrabadge Intricate Embroidered Badge is similar to the Xtrabadge Original but features open spaces and extremely intricate shapes to simulate embroidery. Suitable for lettering, script designs and high detail logos.

Once applied to the garment, the finished badge will look no different to a Direct Embroidery. Just simpler, quicker and requires less expensive machinery to serve your customers.

Read more about  the Features and Benefits of the Xtrabadge below.

Heat Applied Backings

The Heat Applied backings on the Xtrabadge Embroidered badges can be applied to your garments using a standard industrial heat press. We recommend a setting of 180 degrees with firm pressure. Simply align the badge in the chosen location, tack lightly from the front for 3-4 seconds or use a spray badge location adhesive. Then reverse the garment and apply the heat from the back of the garment for 15-20seconds. Leave to cool before folding.

Intricate Detail & Shapes

Using modern embroidery technology, we can create intricate shapes rather than the traditional rectangles, squares and circles typically available in embroidered badges.

And with lettering possible down to 4mm and fine stitch lines, you can be sure of acheiving a fantastic result for your client.

Product Features

  • Direct embroidery simulation
  • Open space detail
  • Heat Applied backings
  • Apply with your heat press
  • Intricate shapes & designs
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • 100’s of Thread colours
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